Exotic fruits

Pomelo (Pomelo, Pamela, Pomelo, Pummelo, Pumelo, Som-o, Pompelmus, Sheddock, Citrus maxima, Citrus grandis, Chinese grapefruit, Jeybong, Jeruk, Limo, Lusho, Jambura, Sai Seh, Banten, Zebon, Robeb Tenga) . The homeland of…

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Watermelon, cucumber and watermelon
Watermelon, cucumber and watermelon - (Rough melotria, Melothria scabra, Mouse watermelon, Mouse melon, Mexican sour gherkins, Sandita, Cucamelon). A very strange subject on our list ... Decide for yourself whether…

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Marula (Marula, Sclerocarya birrea) - except in Africa, in the south and west of the continent, you will not meet this tree. It is almost impossible to buy fruits outside…

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Coconut loves countries with a hot tropical climate. Coconut water is very similar in composition to human plasma, therefore it is used in medicine. Fresh is extremely useful for people experiencing severe physical exertion. Generally speaking, the benefits of coconut are multifaceted, therefore it is called the “tree of life”, although this woody plant can serve as a source of death, because the fruit in its natural shell is much larger in weight and shape than we used to see on the shelves. Continue reading


Champion (Artocarpus champeden, Chempedak or Cempedak). Originally from Malaysia, where it is mainly grown, it is also cultivated in neighboring Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia. A relative of Marange, Breadfruit and Jackfruit.

The fruits are elongated, large (up to 45 cm in length and up to 15 cm in width), covered with a yellow-brown rough skin, smell pleasantly. Continue reading


Chrysophyllum (Star apple, Star apple, Cainito, Star apple, Milkifruit, Kaimito) DO NOT confuse with Kaimito (or Abiu). Originally from Central America, today it is cultivated in the tropics of South America, India, Southeast Asia, West Africa and Tanzania.

Spherical or oval fruits (up to 10 cm in diameter) are covered with a smooth inedible peel of green or purple-brown, depending on the variety. Continue reading

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Santol or Cato
Santol grows in the countries of Southeast Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Philippines). The fruit of Santola has a rounded shape from 8 to 15 cm in diameter with…


Rum berry
Rum berry (lat. Myrciaria floribunda, Rumberry, Guavaberry) - often found in nature in Central and South America, the Caribbean islands, is also grown in the USA (Florida and Hawaii) and…


Pepino (Melon Pear, Sweet Cucumber, Solanum muricatum) is a shrub native to South America, where it is mainly grown and also cultivated in New Zealand. Quite large rounded fruits weighing…