Passion fruit
Passion fruit (Passion fruit, Passfruit, Passion fruit, Passionflower edible, Passiflora edible, Granadilla purpurea) is native to South America, and is currently grown in many countries with a tropical climate. Round…

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Araza (Arazza, Arazá, Araçá-boi, Amazonian Pear or Amazonian Pear; in Latin - Eugenia stipitata). At first, this heat-loving tree grew in the forests of the Amazon basin, later the plant…

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Avara (Avarra, Tukum, Awara, Wara, Awarra, Tucum, Tucumã-do-Pará). This palm tree is actively cultivated in the north of the South American continent in countries such as Brazil, Suriname, Guyana, Guiana.…

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Banana is also an exotic berry and belongs to the grassy family. That is, large banana trees with fruits are considered grass, after bamboo – the tallest in the world, whose trunk can reach 15 meters and leaves – several meters. It grows in the tropics and subtropics: South Asia, Latin America, India, Malaysia, etc. And also in Russia in Sochi.

The berry is rich in vitamins of groups B, E, C. It contains fiber, starch, pectins, proteins, essential oils, from minerals: calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, iron, etc. Pulp is used as a laxative in the treatment of ulcers. The fetus prevents the increase in pressure and the development of strokes, fights against tumors. Continue reading


Champion (Artocarpus champeden, Chempedak or Cempedak). Originally from Malaysia, where it is mainly grown, it is also cultivated in neighboring Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia. A relative of Marange, Breadfruit and Jackfruit.

The fruits are elongated, large (up to 45 cm in length and up to 15 cm in width), covered with a yellow-brown rough skin, smell pleasantly. Continue reading


Chrysophyllum (Star apple, Star apple, Cainito, Star apple, Milkifruit, Kaimito) DO NOT confuse with Kaimito (or Abiu). Originally from Central America, today it is cultivated in the tropics of South America, India, Southeast Asia, West Africa and Tanzania.

Spherical or oval fruits (up to 10 cm in diameter) are covered with a smooth inedible peel of green or purple-brown, depending on the variety. Continue reading

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Kumquat (fortunella) has an oblong oval shape and is very similar to a halved mandarin. It tastes like close fruits. It grows in Japan, China, Israel, Brazil, in the hottest…


Guava (Psidium, Guayava, Guayaba). Originally from South America (tentatively from the territory of modern Peru), today, in addition to the tropics of America, it is cultivated in Asia, Israel and…


Ambarella (Apple Citra, Otaheite-apple, Tahitian quince, Polynesian plum, Yellow plum, Spondias dulcis, Sweet Mombin - not to be confused with Purple Mombin). The birthplace of this tree is the numerous…