Kiwi fruit is a berry. It has small fruits of a round or oval shape, covered on the outside with a fleecy thin brown skin. The mass of the fruit…

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Avara (Avarra, Tukum, Awara, Wara, Awarra, Tucum, Tucumã-do-Pará). This palm tree is actively cultivated in the north of the South American continent in countries such as Brazil, Suriname, Guyana, Guiana.…

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Sapodilla (Moss Tree, Wood Potato, Oil Tree, Ahra, Sapodilla, Prang khaa, La-mut, Naseberry, Chiku) is native to Mexico and is now grown almost everywhere in the tropical countries of America…

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Banana is also an exotic berry and belongs to the grassy family. That is, large banana trees with fruits are considered grass, after bamboo – the tallest in the world, whose trunk can reach 15 meters and leaves – several meters. It grows in the tropics and subtropics: South Asia, Latin America, India, Malaysia, etc. And also in Russia in Sochi.

The berry is rich in vitamins of groups B, E, C. It contains fiber, starch, pectins, proteins, essential oils, from minerals: calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, iron, etc. Pulp is used as a laxative in the treatment of ulcers. The fetus prevents the increase in pressure and the development of strokes, fights against tumors. Continue reading


Tamarind Sweet (Sweet Tamarind, Indian Date, Asam, Sampalok, Chintapandu). The birthplace of this legume tree is East Africa, nowadays it is cultivated everywhere in tropical countries.

The fruits are long, up to 20 cm, as bean should be, similar to beans (or peas), on the outside they are light brown, and the flesh (more precisely, pericarp or pericarp) is dark brown. Continue reading

Purple Mombin

Purple Mombin (Mexican plum, Spondius Purpurea, Spondias purpurea, jocote, Hog Plum, Makok, Amra, Sirigela, Siriguela, Ciriguela, Ciruela). The homeland of mombin is tropical America from Mexico to Brazil and the Caribbean, it was later naturalized in Nigeria, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and the Philippines. Continue reading

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Salak (Salak, Salakka, Rakum, Snake fruit, Snake fruit, Salacca zalacca). A very popular fruit in Southeast Asia. Teardrop-shaped fruits (up to 4 cm in diameter) are covered with a brown…


Bread tree
Bread tree (Artocarpus altilis, Breadfruit, Pana). The same name is sometimes used for Jackfruit and Papaya, so do not get confused! New Guinea is considered to be the birthplace, from…


Pitahaya (Pitaya, Lun Yang, Dragon Fruit, Dragon fruit, sometimes Dragon Eye). Only when he began to prepare this article did he learn that pitahaya is a cactus. It comes from…