Watermelon, cucumber and watermelon
Watermelon, cucumber and watermelon - (Rough melotria, Melothria scabra, Mouse watermelon, Mouse melon, Mexican sour gherkins, Sandita, Cucamelon). A very strange subject on our list ... Decide for yourself whether…

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Chrysophillum or Star Apple
Star apple fruits are round or oval up to 10 cm in diameter. The peel is thin, smooth from green to purple or brown, depending on the variety. Under the…

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Pomelo (Pomelo, Pamela, Pomelo, Pummelo, Pumelo, Som-o, Pompelmus, Sheddock, Citrus maxima, Citrus grandis, Chinese grapefruit, Jeybong, Jeruk, Limo, Lusho, Jambura, Sai Seh, Banten, Zebon, Robeb Tenga) . The homeland of…

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Everyone should try these exotic fruits in life! Just getting them is not so easy …

Just look at how amazing fruits are! Do not compare with oversized pineapple on the counter and hairy coconuts of unknown origin, which supermarkets treat us to.

This short review, though it will not really allow you to feel new tastes, will nevertheless acquaint you with little-known exotic fruits that are so requested on the table of any gourmet. Unusual shapes, colors and aromas – all this is so attractive.

After viewing the article, at the first opportunity you will want to get acquainted with tropical wonders, richly represented in the plant world of southern countries. These wonderful fruits come from Thailand, India, Vietnam, Ecuador, Bolivia, Latin and Central America. Another great incentive for exciting travel!

Akebia comes from East Asia. During flowering, the plant exudes a light aroma of chocolate, for which it was nicknamed Chocolate Vine. How delicious it sounds …

Kiwano perfectly complements both sweet and salty salad and gives piquancy to a milkshake. In addition, due to its low calorie content, this fruit is useful for those on a diet.

Chinese lychee tastes like grapes, slightly tart. It makes delicious jelly and ice cream. The fruit has an invaluable supply of nicotinic acid, which prevents the development of atherosclerosis.
chinese lychee

Locals say that the smell of durian causes visions of hell, and the taste – heavenly pleasures. I would like to test this interesting statement from my own experience.

Zapodilla reveals its divine taste in combination with lime and ginger. This fruit has powerful healing properties, defeats various infections in the body and stimulates the immune system.

Longkong is divided into segments, outwardly somewhat reminiscent of garlic. This plant can be found in Thailand almost all year round and eat plenty.

The fruits of carambola are also known as “tropical stars,” they are exceptionally juicy and crunchy.

Red pitaya, or “dragon fruit”, is valuable for its juice, which can be added to any drink or made from it. Nobody has spoken badly about this delicious fruit!
red pitaya

Is not it true that these amazing fruits cause delight and a desire to enjoy them? Share with your friends a treasury of new experiences!

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Chrysophyllum (Star apple, Star apple, Cainito, Star apple, Milkifruit, Kaimito) DO NOT confuse with Kaimito (or Abiu). Originally from Central America, today it is cultivated in the tropics of South…


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