Exotic fruits

Carambola or Star Fruit
The birthplace of carambola is Southeast Asia. There, this exotic fruit is eaten just like we eat apples or cucumbers. And to taste, it is something in between an apple,…

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Also known under other names: Aegle marmelos, stone apple (stone apple), limonia acidissima, feronia elephantum, feronia limonia, hesperethusa crenulata, elephant apple, monkey fruit, curd fruit. It is very widespread in…

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Azimina (Nebraska banana, Mexican banana, Asimina, banana tree, Pawpaw, Pau Pau) is originally from North America, more precisely from the territory of the southern US states. But this amazing, seemingly…

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Banana is also an exotic berry and belongs to the grassy family. That is, large banana trees with fruits are considered grass, after bamboo – the tallest in the world, whose trunk can reach 15 meters and leaves – several meters. It grows in the tropics and subtropics: South Asia, Latin America, India, Malaysia, etc. And also in Russia in Sochi.

The berry is rich in vitamins of groups B, E, C. It contains fiber, starch, pectins, proteins, essential oils, from minerals: calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, iron, etc. Pulp is used as a laxative in the treatment of ulcers. The fetus prevents the increase in pressure and the development of strokes, fights against tumors. Continue reading

Chrysophillum or Star Apple

Star apple fruits are round or oval up to 10 cm in diameter. The peel is thin, smooth from green to purple or brown, depending on the variety. Under the peel is a layer of peel of the same color as the peel itself. The pulp is white to violet, juicy, sweet, sticky, jelly-like, with an apple flavor. Inside, there are up to 10 solid solid brown bones, up to 2 cm long. In cross section, the flesh resembles a star. Continue reading


Kiwi fruit is a berry. It has small fruits of a round or oval shape, covered on the outside with a fleecy thin brown skin. The mass of the fruit can reach up to 80 g, diameter – up to 7 cm. Under the peel is juicy pulp, depending on the variety, it can be from green to yellow. In the very middle of the fruit, the pulp is white, surrounded by many small black seeds. The seeds are edible, taste sour. Kiwi pulp, in general, is sweet with a slight acidity, resembles a mixture of gooseberries, apples, pineapples. Continue reading

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Watermelon, cucumber and watermelon
Watermelon, cucumber and watermelon - (Rough melotria, Melothria scabra, Mouse watermelon, Mouse melon, Mexican sour gherkins, Sandita, Cucamelon). A very strange subject on our list ... Decide for yourself whether…


“Poor Banana,” aka “Prairie Banana,” or Paw-Paw. This is Asimina triloba
Few people know that there is a North American banana Lapa-paw (prairie banana). This banana grows in southeast America. Outwardly, it is very similar to an ordinary banana, only slightly…


Papaya (Papaya, Melon tree, Bread tree). It comes from Central and South America, and nowadays it is cultivated in almost all tropical countries. Do not confuse it with other “Bread…